Five Traveling Must-Haves for Your Cat

Five Traveling Must-Haves for Your Cat

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Traveling with your cat for the first time? We recommend starting off the prep work by making a detailed list of the things you might need to make the travel comfortable for your pet. After all, you donโ€™t want to go around fetching things while on the road. Here is a list of the five traveling must-haves that will keep your cat happy and safe throughout the trip.

  1. First-aid kitPreparing a first-aid kit is non-negotiable when traveling with your cat. In case there is a minor accident, causing injury to the animal, you will be equipped to handle it without having to make costly trips to the vet. In fact, a vet might not even be accessible in that particular location. The first-aid kit must include antiseptic, tweezers and gauze. Consider downloading first-aid apps for pets that might help you find the nearest local vet.
  2. Food suppliesYou definitely cannot travel with your cat without adequate food supplies. If you have a sufficient stock of cat food, you will not have to run around to refill the cat food stash.Carrying food supplies is especially useful for cats that have specific dietary needs. Your cat might be consuming wet or raw food as a part of its daily diet. In such case, you will have to pack the food in an ice-filled cooler. Carry additional dry food to ensure that there is a sufficient stock for your trip.
  3. Pet identificationIt is crucial for your cat to adorn a proper collar that has an identification tag throughout the trip. Ensure that the tag has your contact number, address and other details that might help a stranger connect with you during your trip (hotels, lodges, traveling number, and so on.) In addition to this, also keep an up-to-date photograph of the cat with you at all times. In case your cat gets lost, it will be much easier for somebody to assist you in finding your pet.
  4. Travel carriers/harnessesMake sure that your cat stays in a secure carrier if youโ€™re traveling by road. For air travel, carriers are mandatory for cat safety. Keep in mind that the pet carrier needs to be smooth-edged and durable with a grill door, ventilation holes, secure latch, and opaque sides.
  5. Miscellaneous suppliesOther important miscellaneous traveling supplies for cats include water bowls, food dishes, litter box, bedding, grooming supplies, tags, and collars.Try avoiding the summer heat and wait till fall if you wish to travel with your cat. After all, you want to ensure that your beloved kitty is comfortable and safe throughout the duration of the trip.
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