Five movies on dogs that are evergreen

Five movies on dogs that are evergreen

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Everyone loves dog movies. Yes, dogs on screen are loved even by those who prefer cats. It does not matter whether you love a pet or not, there is something adorable about dogs on screen. The plot lines of such films vary. A few shows relationship between a dog and its human family or there are films where a dog literally saves the world. The child in every one of us loves animated flicks and it becomes a double treat if a dog is present in it. Film producers know the attraction of dogs, and you will find many movies with a dog prancing around, even if it is not needed.

Air Bud

The 1997 film's tagline says it all: "He sits. He stays. He shoots. He scores". This movie plot pivots around a lonely and shy boy who wants to be on his school's basketball team but cannot as he is afraid to speak up. Things change when he and Buddy, a golden retriever, meet each other. The boy soon finds out that the dog has an aptitude for the game. Air Bud was a hit at the box office and collections far exceeded its threadbare budget. The success of the film led to a number of spin-offs and sequels. The real Buddy dog was a homeless canine who was adopted by Kevin DiCicco, the scriptwriter of the film.


The 1981 film shows the dog character in a radically different element. Cujo was a gentle dog loved by all until a bat carrying rabies bites it on the nose. The result is a chain of horrors which movie-goers will later come to expect from movies adapted from Stephen King books. The film is the movie version of the novel. Even if the film did not achieve the expected box office success, the movie continues to bend the familiar.


The 2008 film is an animated one starring John Travolta giving his voice to the animated canine central character. The singer Miley Cyrus also stars in the Walt Disney Studios produced film. It concerns a dog who plays a central character in a superhero television show and believes the powers that the special effects team gave him are real. He realizes his true self when he sets out to rescue his friend who he thought was kidnapped. This film won an Oscar nomination.

All Dogs Go to Heaven

Every dog lover will adore this classic animated film. The 1989 film was frequently dark and quite wild but is entertaining for both children and adults. Critics, however, gave this film mixed reviews.

White Fang

This 1991 film was adapted from Jack London's novel bearing the same name. It had a wolfdog and revolves around a gold hunter and explorer befriending the titular character. The film tasted box office success. Ethan Hawke played the human lead.

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