Finding Your Lost Cat

Finding Your Lost Cat

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It breaks a heart when your cat gets lost. Most cats climb the tallest structure and are afraid to come down. Since cats are cats, they will not make a sound when they hear you calling them. You must keep your eyes open to find your cat. Remember, you are the only person responsible for your cat. No, the fire-brigade would not assist you if you suddenly find your cat sitting on the top branch of the tallest tree. The only way to rescue your kitty from its difficult position is to get the tallest ladder you can find and climb up. It is much harder than it sounds. It is hardest for people who suffer from vertigo or have a fear of heights.

Good navigation

When it comes to ground, cats have some kind of mysterious homing beacon which helps them to come back to their home-often from hundreds of miles. Only an outdoorsy or an adventurous cat will roam. Indoor cats like to go back to their comfortable home as quickly as possible. If a cat gets scared, it may misjudge its inner compass-and consequently gets lost. Once it is afraid, things go haywire. Everything will scare the cat, from new furniture to new animals.

If you find your cat is not in its usual place, then do not assume its lost. Kitties have a terrible reputation of hiding in places you would not even believe they can fit into. Search carefully around the house, with more attention towards the porch and the garage. Take your cat's favorite treat in your hand and shout its name. Do note that your cat may not want to be found. Only the smell of the food may draw it out from its hiding place. It is a good idea to microchip your cat. It must also wear a tag and a collar.

Try to think

Do not waste your time or others. If you have not seen your cat for two days, there is a far chance that cat is lost. Distribute the photo of your cat via texting apps like WhatsApp. Try to think like a cat and go where you think your kitty will visit when nobody is looking. Crouch low and look underneath porches and bushes. Look out for something which may have frightened the cat. The latter could be new construction or even new neighbor. Do not be shy to trespass in other people's gardens. Simply visit those neighbors and say sorry to mess up their place of business. Upon returning home, leave water and food immediately outside the door so that your fearful cat may succumb to its greed and comes back. Make a poster with your cat's photo. Paste it where such posters can be legally stuck on walls, bus-stops, and near taxi-stands.

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