Feeding Your Dog on a Budget

Feeding Your Dog on a Budget

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The food your dog eats does more than satisfying its need to eat. Other than filling up the stomach, it also affects the canine's quality of life and overall health. The dog's behavior is also influenced by the food you give it. You can give it proper nutrition without spending considerable sums of money.

Longer term savings

All things come at a price, and good food is expensive. Pricier dog food may pinch your budget in the short term but will save you significant sums of money in the longer time-frame. Costly dog foods are made from expensive raw materials which are better for your dog in terms of nutrition. The foods have more nutrients and there are fewer fillers. It means you can feed your dog reduced quantities of expensive dog food. Poor quality dog food is given more for compensating the smaller quantity of nutrients presents every serving. To figure out whether to buy a particular dog food product or not, read how many servings each packet has and the cost of the pouch or tin. It is then possible to calculate the cost per serving. Use the result, along with the ingredients published on the label, to compare the packet with other dog foods.

Cook your own

You can cook for your dog too. If you do so, remember to give a proper blend of cooked and raw foods. The benefit of this arrangement is that you can control what your dog eats and the ingredients in the food. You also save a considerable amount of money. Here's a note of caution though: it is essential that you do a copious quantity of research before you jump to home cooking your dog's meals. A number of recipe books are available on how to cook dog food. You must also consult a veterinarian before taking the step. If you want to give your dog a balanced diet but like the concept of feeding it homemade food, then cast your eye towards base foods. A number of veterinary companies make base foods which can be combined with meat, either cooked or raw, depending on what you give to your dog. The mix of specialist created base food, and your cooking is not only the best for your dog, but you also spend much less amounts of money compared to what you will pay if you purchase ready cooked dog foods.

Another excellent method to save money on dog food is to make bulk purchases. Remember, however, you must first use the edible before it spoils. Many of the high-quality dog foods are available at a much lower price when you buy them in large quantities. Distributors sell them at much-discounted prices.

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