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Your older dog may not be able to run fast and may not have his earlier stamina. The dog could experience restricted mobility or could be healthy. Whatever be the physical condition, it is vital for owners to comprehend that their dog has a limit. It is thus vital for owners to comprehend what their dog could do or could not do. It is vital to make an exercise routine which can be enjoyed by both the dog and also by you, its owner,

Restricted lifestyle

Osteoarthritis is the most common reason for decreased mobility in dogs. Long-term stress could result in the degeneration of joints or may become an issue if the dog is overweight. Hip dysplasia and other congenital issues could also become a reason. Elbow dysplasia could also be a limiting factor. These factors are benign when the dog is young, but could virtually cripple it during its senior years. Senior dogs may also suffer from Lyme disease and other infections. Rheumatoid arthritis is also a leading factor in immobility in senior dogs.Senior dogs have a greater chance of slipping on floors and other surfaces. They may also suffer an injury when they turn too fast while chasing a toy. These apparent minor slides and slips may lead to posterior or anterior cruciate tears. The dog could be in extreme pain. This happens when the weight of the dog is greater than the animal's ideal body weight. Decreased heart function could result in a decrease in dog's tolerance towards exercise. The mobility of your pet could be decreased by the incidence of heart and valve diseases. Smaller breeds suffer from valve disease while larger dogs tend to suffer from cardiomyopathy and other muscle diseases. You should contact the veterinarian if you observe your dog getting tired more easily. The other symptom is walking difficulty.

Indoor and outdoor activities

It is apparent that offering an environment having both mental and physical stimulation will assist the dog to feel active and youthful. It is recommended that you purchase a few treat toys which will dispense meals in much smaller doses. This will improve both mental and physical function. Heavier pets will also enjoy a loss of weight. Ascending and descending the stairs will loose their muscles and keep the joints moving. If your dog is too old to climb stairs, help it to climb ramps instead.You should also walk your senior dog outdoors. This must be done in a regular manner every week. It is important to keep the activities short and not overdo such actions. Take your dog swimming. It helps to exercise muscles without hurting the joints. The swimming activity is perfect for dogs who are recuperating from any kind of injury.

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