Everything You Need To Know About Grooming Your Dog

Everything You Need To Know About Grooming Your Dog

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As someone who owns a dog, especially the hairy kind, youโ€™re obviously concerned about grooming him/her. Well, thereโ€™s not much to be worried about, as long as you follow the suggestions listed below.

The Right Age

Your dog, or pup, in this case, must be 8 weeks old, at the very least, for you to consider grooming him/her. There are far more important things than grooming when youโ€™re dealing with a puppy that young. The first is to have him/her get used to the new environment at home and also get used to the people around.Now, 8 weeks is the minimum age most groomers would recommend. However, we would say 12 weeks is the ideal. There are a few standard things you can expect when taking your little one for his/her grooming appointment.The grooming starts off with a bath, which is then followed by blow drying, nail clipping, and hair trimming. Full haircuts are reserved for adult dogs. Also, the pupโ€™s reaction to the trimming will determine if he/she can move onto haircuts. If the pup is agitated, you will be asked to repeat the trimming process a few times till the pup us read to deal with an actual haircut.

Cutting Hair According To Season

Another thing that pet owners tend to be confused about is cutting hair according to the season. This is especially true for those who have hairy breeds.For hairy breeds, in the summer, vets suggest keeping things cool by providing shade and plenty of water. However, hairy breeds did not evolve in hot climates and therefore, a little trimming isnโ€™t bad idea. It actually depends on your dog. If he/she is visibly frustrated during the summer, maybe itโ€™s time for a cut.As for winter, thereโ€™s no need to bother cutting the hair unless it's matted or grown beyond control.

Brush His/Her Teeth

One key step of grooming that most owners forget is brushing the dogโ€™s teeth. Brushing your dogโ€™s teeth is necessary because dogs have dental issues too and itโ€™s your job to prevent them. For instance, gum disease affects quite a few dogs and it happens due to the accumulation of tartar. Only brushing can prevent this accumulation.There are specific tools, such as canine toothpaste and toothbrushes, to make the job easier. In fact, you get toothpaste in flavors like peanut butter, chicken, and liver etc. Human toothpaste isnโ€™t advised as it can cause digestive problems for your dog.However, if youโ€™ve never brushed your dogโ€™s teeth, start small. Sue your fingers at first and then gradually transition to using the toothbrush.Use praise and appreciation to train your dog into liking this practice.

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