Ever Considered Alternative Cancer Treatments For Your Pet?

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An increasing number of pets today are suffering from cancer and pet owners possess little or no information regarding the alternative cancer treatments available. While medicines, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are the most conventional treatment options, they often cause more harm than good. A holistic approach to cancer treatment aims to revive and restore the animal’s health rather than just destroying the cancer cells. These alternative treatments strengthen the body’s immune system to heal it from within. Special diets, Chinese herbs, medicinal mushrooms, acupuncture and homeopathy are some of the alternative treatments available for pets.

Why alternative treatments?

Conventional cancer treatments often fail because the medicines or radiation used to eliminate the cancer cells end up destroying the healthy cells. The outcomes of such conventional methods are uncertain and the body’s natural defence mechanism is further weakened. Alternative treatments seek to address the underlying causes of the disease and eliminate these factors gradually. The focus of the holistic treatments is to provide support to the body’s natural healing powers which can not only increase the chances of survival but also improve the quality of a pet’s life.

How does a holistic treatment plan work?

The first step is to remove contact with all kinds of external toxic elements like chemicals and commercial food. Antioxidants like melatonin and milk thistle are used to purify the blood. The liver is cleansed with herbs such as red clover and alfalfa. The immune system is then reinforced by vitamins A, C, E and D3. These methods are coupled with increased exercise and play to achieve a holistic betterment.

Alternative Treatments:
  • Dietary Modifications – As every kind of cancer feeds on sugar, it is essential for pets suffering from cancer to be put on a high protein, low starch diet that includes fresh vegetables and raw meat.
  • Chinese Herbs- Traditional Chinese veterinary approach works on the principle of detoxifying the body and fortifying it with nutrition.
  • Medicinal Mushrooms - Reishi, Cordyceps, Shiitake, and Turkey Tail are some of the varieties of mushrooms that have traditionally been linked to improved immunity.
  • Marine Phytoplankton – Considered to be “the most nutritionally rich foods on the planet”, marine phytoplankton, combined with cancer medications, has been proved to decrease malignant growths in pets.
  • Homeopathy – This treatment focuses on removing the root cause of a particular cancer and channelizing the inner energy to heal the animal.

Marty Goldstein DVM, the author of “The Nature of Animal Healing” remarked that “Conventional treatment is more cancer oriented and holistic treatment is more patient oriented.” Alternative cancer treatments may provide your pets a new lease of life if you combine it with love, care and a positive approach.

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