Ensure That Your Catโ€™s Food Stays Fresh

Ensure That Your Catโ€™s Food Stays Fresh

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It is no big secret that quality ingredients are essential when it comes to the food that your cat eats on a daily basis. But do you know that freshness is just as important? Yes, dry and wet cat foods can also go bad and you need to do everything you can to make sure that your furry feline friendโ€™s meal is just as fresh as it can get:

  1. Do not throw away the packaging โ€“ Cat food bags are usually designed to maintain freshness and keep out the elements. Keeping the original packaging also has the added benefit of retaining the foodโ€™s batch code, barcode and expiration date โ€“ all of which is useful information.
  2. Do not expose the food to air โ€“ Sealing the food bag prevents unnecessary exposure to humidity and air โ€“ both of which speed up the degradation process and increase the chances of a bacterial contamination.
  3. Keep the food away from sunlight โ€“ Exposing the food bag to sunlight can elevate the foodโ€™s humidity and temperature. This will speed up the degradation process and increase the risk of a Salmonella contamination.
  4. Do not keep the food once it has reached the expiration date โ€“ Expiration dates are set to ensure the safety of your catโ€™s food. Do not risk your catโ€™s health by feeding him expired pet food.
  5. Do not mix old food with new food โ€“ You might be tempted to transfer the last bit of food from the old bag to the new bag. Donโ€™t do it. You might end up tainting the brand new bag by mistake.
  6. When in doubt, buy pet food online โ€“ Pet owners usually purchase food at stores that have a high turnover. If a store sells food at high volumes, it practically ensures that the food is rotated and remains as fresh as possible. Online stores are even better as they have a variety of high quality brands to choose from and their stock is always fresh.
  7. Buy the smaller bag โ€“ Cat food might cost less in bulk, but you donโ€™t want to buy a big bag and let the food go stale. Unless you have more than one cat in your household, go for regular sized containers. You might be tempted to bring the big bag home, but there is a good chance that it will end up overstaying its welcome.

Last, but not the least, most pet owners transfer the contents of their petโ€™s food from the original packaging to another container. Studies have shown that storing food in plastic containers may impart a taste and odor to dry food that can adversely affect their taste. Storing it in metal containers is fine, but it is better to keep the food in the original packaging.

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