Eight Reasons to Neuter or Spay Your Pet


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If you are planning to adopt a pet, one of the critical health decisions you are going to make is to neuter or spay your dog or cat. Spaying, which entails removing the uterus and ovaries of a female pet, is a medical procedure that offers lifelong health benefits and requires minimal hospitalization. Neutering, the process of castrating your male cat or dog, will improve the behavior of your pet and keep him close to home.Many counties and states have established low-cost programs to make surgery more accessible and affordable. Here's a list of reasons to persuade you to neuter or spay your pet:

  1. Female pets live a healthier, longer life โ€“ Spaying prevents breast cancer and uterine infections, which is fatal in about 90%of cats and 50% of dogs. Spaying your female pet before her first heat offers the best possible protection from the aforementioned diseases.
  2. It provides health benefits to your male pet โ€“ Apart from preventing unnecessary litters, neutering your dog or cat also prevents testicular cancer.
  3. Spayed females do not go into heat โ€“ While cycles tend to vary among cats, female felines go into heat four to five days once every three weeks during the breeding season. To draw the attention of males, they will urinate and yowl frequently.
  4. Male dogs will not roam away from home โ€“ Intact male dogs do everything they can to find a mate. They'll dig their way under fences, chew on meshes and do just about anything to escape the house. Once they free themselves, they risk getting injured in traffic and getting into fights with other males.
  5. Neutered males are better behaved โ€“ Neutered dogs and cats focus their attention on the human families they live with. Unneutered cats and dogs tend to mark their territory by urinating all over the house. A lot of aggression problems can be avoided if your pet is neutered early.
  6. It is cost-effective โ€“ The cost involved in spaying or neutering your pet is much less than the cost of caring for a litter. It's also cheaper than the cost of treatment when your unneutered pet escapes and gets into fights with neighborhood stray dogs.
  7. It prevents pet overpopulation โ€“ Every year, millions of dogs and cats of all breeds and ages either suffer as strays or are euthanized. It is the direct consequence of unplanned litters that can be prevented by spaying or neutering.
  8. Neutering or spaying does not make your pet fat โ€“ Overfeeding and lack of exercise causes your pet to pack extra pounds โ€“ not neutering. Your pet will remain trim and fit as long as you monitor the food intake and provide exercise.
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