Do’s and Don’ts when Caring for Your Sick Cat


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Cats are one of the most common pets people keep, yet only a handful of cat owners know how to treat their pets when they are under the weather. Seeing your beloved cat suffering is upsetting, so here are a few important things to keep in mind while caring for your sick cat so they may be back to normal in no time. It is best to take your pet to the vet as soon as possible, so that you can pin point exactly what is causing their ailment. The points given below are only to aid the recovery of your feline friend after a trip to the vet.

  1. Offer fresh clean water: It is important that cats stay hydrated when they are sick. Much like humans, dehydration or drinking unclean water can only make their condition worse. So remember to offer your pet cats clean drinkable water in a clean bowl regularly.
  2. Feed your sick cat healthy food: Consuming nutritious food can speed up their recovery. Getting a sick cat to eat can be quite the challenge, but offering slightly-warmed canned food like tuna or chicken with their natural juices and oil may help. You may need to hand feed them at first if they are not eating on their own.
  3. Clean nose, eyes and ears regularly: Make sure you wipe away any kind of discharge from their eyes, nose or ears with warm salt water. This may help to avoid any kind of infection and irritation. Keeping your cat clean will definitely help them get well soon.
  4. Keep them warm and comfortable:  A warm and cosy space helps your cat to rest and relax while they recuperate. This is especially effective if your cat is suffering from a cold.
  1. Never let your sick cat roam free: Sick cats should always be kept indoors with a litter tray nearby. If they are let outside, they may not return as they are highly unlikely to be able to defend or look out for themselves.
  2. Never medicate them on your own: Always consult a vet first before giving them any sort of medication. They may be allergic, and hat works for one cat may not always work for another.
  3. Never give human medicines to your sick cat: You should never ever give your sick cat human medicines – tablets, ointments or syrups. Most of them are extremely poisonous for cats and could even kill them.
  4. Never feed vomiting cat frequently: If your cat is suffering from diarrhoea or stomach flu and is vomiting heavily, do not feed it until at least 12 hours after vomiting has stopped.
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