Don’t Harm Your Dog’s Health This Thanksgiving!


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Thanksgiving is a time for feasting on delicious food. Often, a lot of food is left over, and dog owners take it for granted that they can feed Thanksgiving delicacies to their dogs too. But here are some Thanksgiving dishes that you should be careful about feeding your dog:

  1. Turkey: No Thanksgiving is ever complete without a giant Turkey adorning the dining table. Although a little bit of turkey is ok for your dog, beware to not give it portions that contain bones! Fowl bones are notorious for being thin, sharp and brittle, thereby posing serious choking hazards. Besides, turkey meat that is not cooked properly can contain salmonella, which can create nasty reactions in your dog.
  2. Cakes and chocolates: Chocolate contains chemicals that are very dangerous to dogs. A number of desserts require chocolates, which are ok only if given in very tiny amounts. Besides, remember that richer and more bitter the chocolate, more the chemicals. Your dog’s body does not have the enzymes required to digest these chemicals, which could lead to medical complications.
  3. Raw dough of any kind: Be it for bread, or for cake, raw dough is an absolute ‘no’ for dogs. Dough contains substances that maybe delicious for the human tongue, but are absolutely not meant for consumption by our four-legged companions. Yeast, raw eggs, baking soda, and certain chemicals and flavorings that go into these doughs pose serious health hazards.
  4. Fermented things: Yeast is always an enemy to dogs. This is another reason not to let your dogs get anywhere near raw dough. The yeast can continue fermenting, which can result in alcohol. Don’t ever give alcohol to your dogs, even in small quantities as alcohol can be toxic for them. These fermented substances can lead to severe medical emergencies.
  5. Heavy milk products: Milk and milk products like dairy fats and creams pose severe health hazards for dogs. The substances in these things cannot be synthesized by a dog’s body and this can lead to unwanted reactions.
  6. Gravy and spices: Food that is made up of gravies, seasonings and spices are meant for a human body, not a dog’s. These substances too can cause chemical and allergic reactions, and give your dog a stomach-upset.

Dog owners may not really intend to cause harm to their dogs by giving them these foods. Your intention may simply be to involve your pet in the festivities. However, you should remember that a dog and a human have different bodies and different dietary needs. If you want to give your dog a feast on Thanksgiving, make sure you give them


and treats that are especially made for them using essential and nutritious ingredients.

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