Dogs and seafood

Dogs and seafood

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You love sushi and when you eat it, your dog looks longingly at the food. You are torn between whether to give the fish to your dog or not? Yes, the fish contains nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and high protein. Conversely, fishes live in toxin dominated aquatic areas and the meat could be saturated with harmful chemicals. It is a good question to ponder.

Sea-food consumption is possible

The concise answer is yes, dogs can eat sea-food. Your puppy could eat shrimp or fishes or any other kind of species living in the sea. If you want to serve fish to your dog, do not hesitate. It is perfectly safe for the animal. It is to be kept in mind, however, that other sea creatures like shellfish and shrimps must not be provided easily. All these food carry grave warnings when you serve them to your dog.You must look for a few factors in the seafood you want to give to your dog. If you want to feed your puppy any fish, go for species having shorter life-spans. In species enjoying greater life-spans, like sea bass or tuna, the high concentration of toxins and heavy metals accumulating over longer time periods could play havoc with not only your dog's health but also yours too.

Points to note

The size of the sea-food also matters. Fewer amounts of mercury are found in smaller fishes. Larger fishes, however, have the substance in greater quantities. This is as the bigger fish eat smaller fishes themselves. Give your dog a fish having a fewer number of bones. A fishbone could damage the intestine of your dog. They could be a choking hazard as well. Moderation is important in all cases. There is no harm in giving your four-legged darling an occasional sea-food meal. This food, however, must not be repeated frequently.Your dog could actually become healthier if you feed it sea-food. In case you do not feed the dog every day. It is your job to know the benefits of the seafood eaten by it. Other than fish, other sea creatures could be included in the dog's diet as well with due precautions. Most dog foods have lower quantities of fat. Giving the dog fish also makes it immune to dogs suffering from allergies. In a few cases, the risks could be more compared to the benefits. A few of them could even be fatal to your dog. Such dangerous foods contain heavy metals and toxins among other pollutants. Commercial pet foods contain fish packed with harmful preservatives. There is also the risk of contracting listeria and salmonella bacteria. Prepare the seafood carefully before serving it to your dog. It is vital you select the correct kind of sea-food. Cooked fish, if deboned, is perfectly safe for dogs.

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