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Traveling with your dog means you have to take along a lot of its stuff. The list ranges from leashes and collars to sunscreen to poop bags. All these items must come along with the animal. This is why it makes sense to purchase a dog travel bag. If you go on frequent overnight trips, it is a good idea to purchase a quality dog travel bed. Small dog travel bags could fit into a suitcase. A large container can hold much more than the canine necessities. It is essential to know the advantages of each travel bag from a number of bags before zeroing on to one.

Wahl and PetParty

Most seasoned international travelers recommend Wahl company manufactured bags. These bags bring to the paw a mix of easy to use features along with portability. A lot of things can fit into the bag without cramming. The two padded carrying handles make transporting the dog easy. If your dog is small, you can use the padded shoulder strap which comes in matching colors. The presence of a number of external packets means you can fit a number of things including documents. There are both zippered and slip pockets. The bag has more than ample space for fitting the essentials. There is no need to worry about taking a heavy bag complete with many things which you do not use. Since the bag is dark colored, it hides stains well.

The Petparty company manufactures bags known to be stylish. Go for these bags if you own a smaller dog. This bag has many features which are normally available in more expensive carrying cases. The Petparty products are stylish with metallic leather and two-tone vertical stripe highlights. The combination of this design with a clear logo and white zippers projects a keen fashion sense which most dog travel bags usually lack. The oversized and rounded handles of the bags are their best feature. The soft leather coating around the handles serves as padding for your shoulders and hands. Metal connector brackets add extra security and make the bag more durable. The external pockets have zippers to make sure that you do not lose any object while you travel.

Budget choice

If you are on a budget, go for a Hubulk product. This company's bags are fashionable and make carrying your dog much more comfortable. In case you wish to replace the old dog travel bag with a new one, consider a Hubulk one. The shoulder straps are rounded with a tan brown finish. A medium sized dog can be carried in the center pocket. The pet supplies can be carried in a number of external pockets. These pockets can be button shut.

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