Dog Teeth Cleaning Options

Dog Teeth Cleaning Options

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Figuring out the right tooth brush for your dog can be a daunting task. Here are factors you should consider when choosing one.

When it comes to dog teeth cleaning, there are a lot of products out there for your pet. If you’ve ever found yourself scratching your head in the toothbrush aisle as you choose one for yourself, then just wait until you see all the toothbrushes made for dogs!

There are a few factors to consider when finding the right toothbrush for your dog. Your pup's size, tooth health, temperament, and past tooth care regimes all factor into what brush will work best for your pet. In the end, the right brush for you and your dog will be safe, effective, comfortable, and easy to use and clean.

Here are the types of toothbrushes you can choose for your dog:

Straight toothbrushes

Like human toothbrushes, the straight toothbrush option has a handle with bristles attached to the end. These brushes come with one or two sets of bristles. The amount of bristles needed depends on the size of your dog's mouth and teeth. Dogs that have teeth far back into their mouths will especially benefit from the reach of this type of brush, and the bristles provide good friction to remove tartar and bacteria.

Triple brushes

For efficient brushing, triple brushes have three flexible heads that work together by surrounding individual teeth from all sides. They tend to be fast and effective as they are designed for dog teeth specifically and have the reach and friction of straight toothbrushes.

Products to Try:

Triple Pet Toothbrush

Quad brushes

Designed much like triple toothbrushes, quad brushes have four sets of bristles to clean multiple sides of a tooth in one motion. Each bristle head surrounds all sides of a dog’s tooth, cleaning the front, back, and bottom in one motion. The additional brush cleans the surface of the adjoining tooth as well. These brushes are said to gently clean gums with minimal pressure.

Finger toothbrushes

These handy brushes slip over your finger so you can clean your dog's teeth with more control. They have soft, flexible bristles that massage the teeth and gums while removing debris. This is a great tool for helping puppies get used to tooth care regimes and having objects in their mouths. It is also ideal for small dogs. Though finger brushes have more control, you may have less leverage and reach with a finger toothbrush.

Products to Try:

Triple Pet Finger Brush Kit

Dental sponges

Sponges for dental cleaning come attached to a handle for longer reach, much like straight toothbrushes. This option is softer and more pliable than bristles, so it will be gentle on your dog's teeth. Dental sponges are disposable, and are often used with liquid cleaning solutions.

Dog dental wipes and pads

Premoistened dental wipes and pads help control bacteria in your dog's mouth and fight bad breath. Wiping them along teeth and gums will keep your dog's mouth clean, as well as remove debris from the teeth and gums. Wipes and pads are a pliable, gentle option for tooth cleaning, but they do not provide the friction or mechanical action that bristled brushes do. When testing out any of these options, remember to take cues from your dogs on which product makes them most comfortable. And remember to always use toothpaste and mouthwashes specifically made for dogs. Happy brushing!

So... What about the Toothpaste?

Finding the Right Dog Toothpaste

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