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It is tough keeping up with consumers; we are a picky bunch. To paraphrase

The Simpsons

’ Agnes Skinner, with a cart full of groceries: “I want everything in one bag… but I don’t want the bag to be heavy.” And when you’re looking out for your dog, the same one who wakes you up at 5 AM every morning with a few well-placed slobbery licks and puts a head in your lap all day when you’re sick, you aren’t just a picky consumer anymore, you are a concerned pet parent.PetCareRx understands that we want a cornucopia of options because we want to be aware of the best products on the market. PetCareRx also understands why we want a best choice product – because each of our dogs is special and deserves a food geared toward their specific needs.Now PetCareRx has something that even Agnes Skinner would find hard to criticize. The new

Dog Food Finder Tool

is designed to present to you, the consumer, over 500 options for your dog’s diet. Once you enjoy that sensation of being a kid in a candy store, scrolling down for miles and discovering munchies you never knew existed, the Dog Food Finder helps you narrow down your search based on your dog’s size, age, and other dietary requirements. Voila, the perfect food for your dog.Is your small puppy hooked on the crunchy stuff and sick of chicken? Well now you only have three labels to choose from. Maybe your older dog is into organic, grain-free, raw food? Well suddenly you narrowed down your search from 516 options to five. We all know choice is great, but at the end of the day we want the best choice. Find yours with the

Dog Food Finder


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