Dog Falls 14 Stories, Caught By Pedestrian on Sidewalk

Dog Falls 14 Stories, Caught By Pedestrian on Sidewalk

In what can only be described as a miracle, earlier this week a Portland resident, Ted Nelson, managed to save a 5-year-old Bichon Friseย named Mordy from plummeting to his death off a 14-story balcony - by catching him!
The building (KGW Portland)The whole thing started when Ted, looking out his window, noticed that there was a small dog out on the balcony in the apartment building across the street. It appeared that the dog had slipped through the railing and was trapped on the outside ledge, with nothing between him and the sky.
The balcony (KGW Portland)
When Ted Nelson noticed the fluffy white dog stuck on the outside ledge of her balcony, he knew that he had no time to notify anyone. Odds were that nobody else had noticed the petrified pooch, meaning that any immediate rescue effort would fall to him. And he took up the mantel. Ted ran out of his home and down onto the street. His plan was to get underneath the dog so that, in the event of him slipping, someone would be there to break his fall. And it worked!Before long, the dog had lost his footing and fell from the lofty balcony - right into Tedโ€™s open arms.
Mordy (KGW Portland)
โ€œI just looked up at it and it was looking at me and it landed right in my chestโ€ฆ caught it for a minute, kind of fell, it did hit the ground. It let out a yelp but it was a huge relief to hear it yelp,โ€ Ted told reporters.
Ted Nelson (KGW Portland)
Whatโ€™s more, this isnโ€™t Tedโ€™s first time at the "pet-on-a-balcony" rodeo either. A few years back, Ted and his girlfriend noticed a cat in a very similar situation. Thankfully, that time the owners were home and Ted was able to get their attention before their cat suffered the same near-death experience as Mordy.As for Mordy, aside from a couple of bruises, he is going to be just fine. For Mordyโ€™s family, however, they are all still pretty shaken up. This has been a traumatizing experience, and they are eternally grateful that Ted was able to save their precious pooch.

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