Dog Breeds For Apartment Living


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You adore larger dogs. You would dearly like to keep one as a pet. However, there is a problem: you live in an apartment. Now, apartment dwellers are known for keeping small dogs. Bigger sized canines are thought to be owned by people who reside on a ranch or a villa.

Apartment And Larger Canines

Yes, you can keep larger canines as pets in your comparatively smaller apartment. Many big dogs are suitable for flat living. Contrary to their image as fierce creatures, the bigger breeds are more relaxed compared to their smaller friends. As puppies, they can be active. When they mature, these breeds are usually satisfied to sleep on the bed or sofa. They are quieter than their smaller brethren as well. Do not be intimidated by their huge appearance. Your large dog will prefer to give love, not snarl or fight.Although larger dogs make excellent apartment pets, due care must be taken before you bring such a breed home. Ensure that you have all the necessary facilities in the building like an elevator to take the dog to the vet when it's sick. Your flat must open to the outdoors. This is required for the initial potty training. You must have the time or hire someone to take it for walks every day. If it is the second option, are you adequately prosperous to hire someone to do the task? If the answer to all the above questions is in the affirmative, then you can adopt any one of the larger canine breeds.

Breeds For Modern, Smaller Homes

The huge Mastiff breed dog makes an excellent apartment dog. Other than the puppy stage, the adult dog is a stately one, with a clear aristocratic air. This dog will attract attention on the streets and in the park.Another super companion is the Great Dane. This breed's huge size belies its calm demeanor. These dogs were bred specially to sit adjacent to the throne of the king of the land. Although they are calm and mellow creatures, they look huge and intimidating. Best of all, they are not much active. A Great Dane will be more than happy to sit with you in your home. You will find them on your comfortable sofa, happily snoozing the day away.If you want a big and cut dog, consider the Basset Hound. These dogs have cute short legs, making them appear smaller than they actually are. These dogs are heavy, with a typical specimen weighing anywhere between 50 pounds to 65 pounds. This breed loves to smell anything and everything. Running or moving fast is not its style. They are also excellent social animals, enjoying the company of new people. You have to take it to the park every day to keep it happy.

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