Do You Need Pet Insurance?


Itโ€™s a bold new world out there for pets and pet parents. Microchips and trackers let you reconnect with your pet if they get lost. Video feeds let you monitor your kitty from work, or wherever. And advances in medicine like cancer treatments mean longer lives for many petsโ€”but usually at great cost.

Pet insurance

presents a new opportunity for pet parents: a way to help you afford expensive treatments if they're needed.

A New Option

If you don't know much about pet insurance, you're not alone. The first pet insurance policy in the United States was bought for the television star Lassie in 1982, and aย whole host of questions has come along with this relatively new type of insurance.And as with all types of insurance, it can get complicated.

Why You Might Need Pet Insurance

According to


(Veterinary Pet Insurance), the most common expensive treatments for pets can run from $1,000 to over $3,000 dollars, for treating issues like torn knee cartilage or removing objects animals have ingested. And those are just the most common expensive treatments. Extended care for some conditions can cost many times these amounts.The goal of pet insurance is to reduce the monetary cost to you of expensive treatments for your pet. If your pet needs surgery or emergency care, being able to fall back on insurance can help you say yes to treatment, where otherwise the cost might have been too high.But what about the potential drawbacks, and the ever-dreaded โ€œfine print"?Check out

our new series on pet insurance

, and find all you need to get started.

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