Do You Have an Active Pet Policy at the Office? Consider Getting One of These Dogs

Do You Have an Active Pet Policy at the Office? Consider Getting One of These Dogs

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Many workplaces are now shifting to a pro-pet environment. As employees report better productivity and reduced stress with pets being allowed in the office, companies are now giving more thought to active pet policy.

If your office too has an active pet policy and you have been thinking of adopting a dog for long now, here are a few breeds that you can consider. These breeds are found to be the most well-behaved dogs in a work environment.


Labradors are one of the friendliest breeds of dogs. These dogs are extremely loyal and gentle. They get along well with people and with other dogs too. So, if your colleagues bring in their dogs too, thereโ€™s nothing to worry about because your dog will surely behave well.


These little cuties are sluggish and gentle creatures. They like to spend most of their time sleeping, so you wouldn't have to worry about them running around the office or yapping at other dogs. Their squishy, wrinkled faces can melt the hearts of even the coldest colleagues.


Nobody can resist the cuteness of a Beagle. They are one of the most cheerful and friendly dogs, with kids and other pets too. They love the company and bringing them to the office would not just relieve you of your worries but it would be good for them too.


These tiny, pretty pooches are great for a work environment. First of all, they are just tiny, so bringing them to the office is not much of a hassle anyway. Secondly, they are extremely laid back and social and can easily charm anyone at your workplace. We bet no one would have a problem having a Yorkie around in the office.


Samoyeds are these extremely affectionate fur balls that can melt your heart at first look. They are gentle and smart and tend to get along well with people. They are very playful and friendly, and your colleagues are sure to love having one around. They are slightly on the bigger side, so you might need a separate space for your dog.


This pocket-sized delight can easily fit into your handbag or in your desk drawer at the office. But you don't have to hide it in your drawer of course, because these dogs are very cheerful and friendly. Despite being so tiny, they are incredibly loyal and gutsy. So, you'll also have a mini guard dog around at work. You can also find out some other breeds that can prove to be great office pets. Having the company of a dog at work can be a big morale booster for everyone.

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