Do I Need to Protect My Pet After Flea Season? When is Enough?

Do I Need to Protect My Pet After Flea Season?

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If you expect to keep your pet safe from fleas and ticks throughout the year, don't forget your monthly preventative medication.

This question could easily have a one word answer – yes. Yes, we do recommend you give your pet year-round preventative flea and tick medication. Yes, it really makes a difference. And yes, you’ll thank us later.

It is a common misconception that preventative flea and tick methods should only be used during “flea and tick season.” Sure, as the weather turns warmer, fleas have a much stronger presence than during the icy winter months but that doesn’t meant they disappear altogether, especially in warm winters like many parts of the country have experienced. No matter where you live or what the weather is, you need to protect your pet. Pets are like family. You wouldn’t want your toddler to hit the beach without sunscreen, so why would you let your dog run around without their flea and tick armor?

A Stitch In Time Saves… Money

Not only will year-round prevention ensure your pet can avoid having to scratch and claw their way through an incredibly uncomfortable flea infestation, but preventative care is also far less expensive than dealing with fleas once they arrive. Your home can easily become subject to flea eggs, larva, feces and more. Plus, your pet will be suffering (fleas bites hurt your pets and they can lead to worse damage like tapeworms or even hot spots;  ticks can cause diseases!) and that can easily be avoided.

If you wait for flea and tick season to hit it may be too late. Many oral medications,and even topical treatments like PetArmor, can take months to reach their full affect and actually combat a flea’s full life cycle. The sooner you get started on preventative flea and tick health care, the happier both you and your pet will be. Most medications are taken only once a month and are easily administered so there really is no excuse. Protect your pets year-round. To find out when

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