Do Cats Really Hate Water?


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Cats are resistant when it comes to drinking water. What we should remember is that cats are generally really clean creatures. They might refuse to go near their water bowl if they think itโ€™s dirty or if itโ€™s giving off an unpleasant odor. However, not all cats feel the same way about water. Some love to cool off and take a dip form time to time. Others are simply repulsed by the idea.

Cats have good reason to shy away from water

If all the water exposure that your cat gets is unwanted baths, spraying, and sopping rainstorms, then he or she will most likely just want to stay out of it at all costs. None of those things are fun experiences for cats. Although they might not enjoy being in water, most cats tend to find water relaxing. They like listening to that pitter-patter and seeing the rain. Water has a de-stressing and calming effect on most cats when theyโ€™re just spectators.Here are a few reasons why cats might not like water:

  1. Cats hate new experiences.They hate when thereโ€™s a change in their schedule or agenda. If your cat has never before been exposed to water, chances are, she would find it repulsive and wouldnโ€™t want to get drenched in it right away. If your cat has been exposed to water on a regular basis from when she was just a kitten, she might accept it more. She might not like it, but she would be willing to give it a shot.
  2. They are highly fastidious.They love to groom themselves and keep themselves clean. If your cat finds something out of place with her water bowl, like the smell or even its overall appearance, she will avoid it. This also applies to when youโ€™re giving your cat a bath. She doesnโ€™t see the water as something โ€˜normalโ€™ so she wouldnโ€™t want it on her fur. Not when she puts in so much work to groom it and keep it looking pristine.
  3. Biological reasons also play a big part.Cats have never been known as river or ocean dwelling creatures. Sure, they like the occasional fish, but if going to the lake and catching them by themselves is their only way of getting them, they would rather not. Cats had no evolutionary need to learn how to swim.
Hereโ€™s what you should do if you absolutely have to give your cat a bath.

Firstly, start off by filling your tub without your cat in the room. The sight and sounds will only make her anxiety worse. Then, line the tub with towels so that she can something to grip on to if she so pleases. Never use a faucet. Stick to a plastic container to pour water over your cat. Take special care of the eyes and the face.

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