Do Cats Know Their Own names?


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Does your cat know when you call it by name? Or understand what you say by your body movement? The question is hard to answer due to a cat's proclivity for ignoring everyone, including their owners. It speaks a lot that even after co-habiting with cats for thousands of years, we are still not close to knowing whether our cats understand when we call out to them. However, recent scientific research has shed light on this matter.

Your cat knows

One point of note is a surety: cats recognize human voices, and they will acknowledge the same by their head and ear movements. It was further discovered that cats respond better to a broad pitch voice with harmonics. Cats can recognize that a specific voice is their owner's. It is also a point to note as to how you talk with your cat. Chances are that it is similar to how you interact with a human baby. It was discovered that a cat's hearing range possess a wide pitch and scale. The animal could pay attention to those human utterances that have more variation.

Yes, you can teach your kitty to respond to your voice commands. Since it is a study of cats, researchers tried to find out whether the same degree of interest was felt by the cat when its owner called it on two different occasions: one before its meal and the other after. Common sense dictates that if the main calling card were food, cats would come running only once. The response was in line with their predatory mode, they came both times to investigate.

Verbal cues are vital

It is important that you should train your cat to respond to verbal cues, like their name. This training should begin from its kitten stage. Since kittens can mix with humans from 17 days of age, it is vital that the furballs get handled and becomes used to human touch as much early as possible. They should also be comfortable with human voices so that they do not regard humans as a predator from early on. The aim is to associate humans with food, attention, and love. Start training your cat to listen to you when it is at a kitten stage. When speaking to your kitty, change your voice to a harmonic pitch. Import some variation. It is recommended that you give your cat a multisyllable name. When calling the cat, use the harmonic pitch voice. After the cat comes to you, give it treats. If you can do this-using a harmonic pitched voice and also using treats to make a cat follow your commands, you are sure to get a much better response from your furball.

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