Dangerous Domestic Cat Breeds

Dangerous Domestic Cat Breeds

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For most, cats are cuddly furballs good for endless play and kissing. Not all breeds of cats, however, are playful and amusing. Some can be downright ferocious, and it takes a brave family to bring in one. Be careful when you are around these breed of cats.


This is a bearded feline and has noticeable stuffed ears. It has a prominent belly, and the back is spotted. Although they excellently bond with humans, these cats can be aggressive. It is not uncommon to hear bobcats killing adult humans. This breed is moody and unpredictable. The animal's beautiful appearance is a misleading one. Its coat of smoky blue to golden color will be of no use when it shreds the furniture and attacks guests. Bobcats must be kept away from children.


This breed is a hybrid one developed over multiple generations. It is a result of cross-breeding Asian Leopard Cats with domesticated cats. These cats, although domesticated, continues to be wild at heart. The felines are extremely intelligent, beautiful, and quirky. Those who have owned Bengal cats have described the breed to be "dog-like". The cats are known to turn destructive when bored and unpredictably aggressive. If you have a family, think twice before you adopt a Bengal cat. The appearance of their coats and eyes may vary with different colors. They spray to mark their territory.


This is the biggest hybrid feline. Savannah cats are known to be loyal to their owners. It is a mix of the domestic cat and a Serval. These cats are thus smaller sized than Servals. These cats are known to behave like dogs. A Savannah cat could weigh as much as 25 lbs.


This is a safer and smaller edition of the bigger bobcat. It is a playful creature with an adventurous streak. These cats have polydactylism, a peculiar body characteristics of having extra toes. These animals could be long or short coated. These may be of a medium size or a larger size. These are friendly cats but does not gel well with strangers.


Deciphering the thinking of these cats is hard. The animals could communicate many emotions via hissing sounds and ear movements. Caracals are extremely energetic and sociable. This breed can literally destroy a home. An adult Caracal weighs anywhere between 30 lbs to 50 lbs and approximately 17 inches big in size.

Canadian Lynx This breed of cats are fluffy and listed as subspecies of Eurasian Lynx. When it comes to appearance, the Canadian Lynx is similar to Bobcats. These cats are big felines and can weigh about 30 kilograms. The tail is a stubby one, and the presence of short front legs and long hind legs mean these cats walk in a stunted manner.

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