Creating a Stress-Free Environment for your Cat โ€“ 4 Tips You Must Follow

Creating a Stress-Free Environment for your Cat โ€“ 4 Tips You Must Follow

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When you have a cat in your household, you must make the environment as stress-free as possible. It doesn't take a lot for the feline to become anxious due to the characteristics of its species. Anxiety and stress are significant problems, as they increase the risk of suffering from various diseases.

Fortunately, you can avoid this from happening by implementing the tips highlighted below:

Ensure there are places to hide

When your cat is unhappy with the situation or it feels overwhelmed, it will want to retreat to a safe location until things settle down. As a pet owner, it is your job to ensure there are plenty of places to hide. Failing to do so can cause immense stress in the cat. Clear space under your furniture and set up paths that allow the feline to climb to safety.

Keep dedicated scratching areas

Your cat tends to scratch your furniture, as it is the felineโ€™s way of marking its territory. If you donโ€™t provide objects or areas where it can conduct this activity, it can cause anxiety and stress.

If you allow the cat to select the thing it wants to scratch, you wonโ€™t be happy with how things turn out. Make sure you provide horizontal and vertical scratching surfaces for the feline.

Set up places to perch

Every cat loves to sit in high places and observe what is going on in the household. The reason is that it gives them the opportunity to survey the environment and identify danger before it becomes a problem.

While the second statement may not be true in your case, setting up a perch is good for your catโ€™s state of mind. There are plenty of options available in a nearby pet shop or an e-commerce store. If you are up for the job, there are plenty of guides available online, where you can create custom perches for your cat.

Select the right litter box

It isn't as simple as going to the store, picking up a litter box, and any brand of litter. You should pay attention, as it will help eliminate stress in your cat. The litter box you select should be of the right size.

When you have to choose the brand of litter, you must spend time researching the companies. Avoid going for products with heavy fragrances, as your feline may not enjoy it, due to the sensitivity of its nose. Similarly, the location of the litter box is essential, as your cat feels vulnerable when it has to attend nature's call. Keep it in a place where there is a minimal distraction, so that it is comfortable for the cat to use it.  Do you know other ways to create a stress-free environment for cats? Let us know in the comment section!

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