Creating a pet-friendly workplace: What employers should do?

Creating a pet-friendly workplace: What employers should do?

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Organizations around the world have been trying out non-traditional ways to keep their employees satisfied at the workplace. Among these initiatives are pet-friendly benefits such as pet insurance, bring-your-pet-to-work, and so on. These pet-friendly moves have been noted to be effective in improving employee wellness, productivity, and morale.

Research has found that pet-friendly company policies work brilliantly for employee retention. Not many companies allow pets into their workplace still and those who do, foster unity and loyalty among the staff. If you too want to shape a pet-friendly workplace, hereโ€™s what to do -

Steps for creating a pet-friendly work atmosphere

  • Get employee input โ€“ Your company will have on its payroll staff that are pet-enthusiasts and staff that aren't. Before you go forward with introducing pets at the workplace, hold a survey among your employees, and verify if they'd indeed to like to have pets around them at work.
  • Choose what kind of pets are most conducive โ€“ Take into account any allergies or phobias that your employees may have and choose your office pets accordingly. Dogs can be delightful to be around and help relieve your stress at the workplace, but they can also be rather noisy and disruptive.
  • Pet-proof the office area โ€“ You have to pet-proof the office area before you can allow these pets to roam free at the office. Remove any precious items, trash cans, and loose electrical cords. Doing so will keep both your pets and office properties safe.
  • Draw up a list of rules โ€“ If you are allowing your employees the benefit of bringing their pet to work, they must realize their privilege. In doing so, they should understand the code of behavior that is required for them to follow. Your employees must not have their pets run wild, creating trouble for their peers at the office. They should not be running and barking around at will. The pet parents need to be able to control their behavior and familiarize them with actions, which are suitable for the workplace and which arenโ€™t.
  • Stock up on pet supplies โ€“ If youโ€™ve decided to bring pets into the workplace, you will need to have a ready supply of pet essentials such as feeding bowls, disposal bags and toys to keep them busy. If you donโ€™t take this step, the pets will get hungry and restless, making them all the more difficult to behave, as desired.

Allowing pets into the office enlivens up your workplace There are many benefits to being a pet-friendly employer. You should be able to notice them in time. If you intend to create a workplace that is encouraging of pets, the steps listed above should be of help.

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