Cooling Your Dog During Blazing Summer

Cooling Your Dog During Blazing Summer

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You like to sit in the cool shade away from the hot sun and sip a mocktail while your dog looks up pleadingly towards you. It is clearly feeling uncomfortable in the hot weather. As a dog owner, you should make your canine comfortable. Your dog is vulnerable to deadly heatstrokes in hot weather.

Shade and pool

The easiest way to protect your dog from the blazing sun is to find the animal some shade. To do this, get an outdoor thermometer. This will enable you to find the coolest area for your dog to lay in. This may be below a large tree or if one is not available under a canvas canopy. A patio is also an excellent option.

If you and your dog are lucky enough to live near a lake or a pool, then you in all probability be tempted to jump in with your dog. Do be cautious in such instances. In case your dog is near the threshold of a heat stroke, jumping in the water may actually trigger the event. The surface temperature of the dog's skin and may abruptly get lowered, resulting in excessive heating of the dog's internal organs. The core of the body will then be overheated. To negate such an outcome, allow your dog to enter the water slowly. Permit it to stand for some time in the water. Monitor the animal's temperature with a thermometer. Stop the cooling when the dog's rectal temperature reaches 103 degrees Fahrenheit. In case there is no swimming pool or lake nearby, the dog may cool itself by standing in the water. Foot pads of canines perform the function of dissipating heat.

Breeze and dam

You can also create an artificial breeze. This makes the summer heat much more tolerable. To do this, simply place a floor fan or table fan on the house patio. Your dog can then enjoy a cool breeze. The fan breeze works wonders on evaporation principles. The problem is that since dogs do not sweat much, you have to work harder to cool down the dog.  You can also use the mist to cool the dog down. Yes, you can use the garden hose, but it will lead to water wastage. Instead but a mist creating attachment which you can link to the water supply. You can also use them on yourself to cool down. A wet towel makes an excellent solution when it comes to cooling down. Wet the cloth and keep it in the refrigerator. Place a bag of frozen peas on the head of the dog. You can also place the frozen peas on the groin or neck of the canine where the blood vessels are.

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