Companion Cats for Older People


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Cats are wonderful companions for humans of any age, but a senior citizen and an adult makes the perfect match. This is especially applicable for those seniors who are unable to go outside their home. The presence of a cat makes the house a home.

Keep them active

Seniors remain much active when there is a cat around. Taking care of a feline requires some amount of work. The elderly person must feed the cat and scoop its litter box. There are also the must-do actions of brushing the cat and playing with it. These activities will keep the senior person mobile without being actively asked to do so. If the elderly person cannot do certain activities associated with living with a cat, like cleaning the litter box, then a person must be asked to do the needful. Senior individuals suffering from restricted mobility may continue to enjoy playing the cat through the use of the appropriate interactive toy. Having such kind of toys means the person can sit comfortably in his favorite chair and still move the toy around, so the cat enjoys the activity.

Loneliness will be an emotion of the past

The presence of an adult cat can alleviate the loneliness of an elderly person. Many studies have indicated that living with cats assists in the reduction of both cholesterol and blood pressure. If there is a problem of too little space, it should be remembered that cats are comfortable in smaller environments. If you have an elderly person at home who wants to get a cat, but not comfortable with caring for the animal due to health issues, like monitoring the kitty's health and taking it to the veterinarian, then it is essential that some other family member or someone trustworthy should take up the task. Ensure that all communications to and from the outside world be mailed to the residence so that everyone is up-to-date with the vaccinations and other cat biology examinations. This way the cat's own health will be maintained. If you know any senior citizen in your family, do buy that person a cat. The animal will bring much enjoyment to that person's life. You can help a senior citizen to adopt a cat. It is essential to plan for an uncertain future even if you know the senior person would love the cat. Be sure that the addition of a cat into the household will be a positive one. Do not surprise the elderly person by suddenly giving a cat as a present. Kittens are not suitable for elderly people. They require lots of work. These cuties may also find themselves in precarious situations if you do not pay attention. Worse of all, a kitten may easily trip the elderly person as they always appear to be underfoot.

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