Common Misconceptions about Cats

Common Misconceptions about Cats

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Cats are very interesting pets in that they are quite hard to read. They are rather mysterious and communication with cats can be very confusing. This is why it is very easy to form misconceptions about cats. Owners have a hard time figuring out whether their cats are happy or sad, healthy, or if they are in pain or discomfort.It is important to realize most of the common beliefs about cats are not exactly valid and cat owners need to be aware of the truth behind such misconceptions so that they can ensure that their cats are in the best shape.Here are some common misconceptions about cats and the truth behind them.

Cats, unlike dogs do not need your undivided attention

This is not true. Sure, they are not as expressive as dogs, but it does not mean that they are not social. Cats are capable of forming very strong emotional bonds with their owners and just like a dog, a cat experiences loneliness and anxiety if separated from their owners for too long.So, if you think that your cat prefers being alone, then itโ€™s time to rethink. Make sure that your cat gets enough attention from you.

Cats land on their feet when they fall

This is far from true. Cats are definitely more agile than most pets but it does not mean that they fall on their feet every time. If cats fall the wrong way or from heights, they will injure themselves and are prone to sprains and fractures. You need to make sure that the windows at your home are properly closed and sealed. Make sure that your cat does not have any wiggle room near these windows, especially if you are planning to leave them alone at home.

Female cats need to give birth before being spayed

The truth is that female cats do not need to give birth before spaying because getting pregnant and giving birth is more stressful for a cat than being spayed. Cats that are spayed are less likely to develop ovarian cancers and mammary cysts.Pregnancy can take a toll on your catโ€™s body and it is better to avoid it from the start.

Cats cannot be trained like dogs

Definitely you cannot expect your feline friend to fetch and jump through hoops but cats can be trained in very subtle ways. Many cat owners train their cats using clickers and treats. Just like in the case of dogs, cats tend to pick up tricks faster if they are trained at a young age. Remember, it requires a lot of patience and time, but in due course, your cat will become capable of performin a few nifty tricks.

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