Common Feline Problems and Fixes

Common Feline Problems and Fixes

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Today, we take a look at common feline problems faced by pet owners. Donโ€™t worry then, these common feline problems have some easy fixes.


Kittens love to scratch, and they do it for many reasons. While some of them scratch to mark the territory others do just remove jagged claw bits. It is also common for kittens to exhibit scratching when they are bored or want to play. You want to trim your kittyโ€™s claws regularly so your curtains and furniture are not damaged on a scratching spree. You can also get her a scratch post for her to scratch away all she wants. If your cat scratches you, then she is just trying to play. You can use feathers or toys during play time, instead of using your hands to play with your kitty.

Night-time activity

Cats are naturally nocturnal animals, even though domestication may have changed some of that. If your cat gets active during the night, it can get difficult to catch some sleep and attend to him. You can try and shift your catโ€™s lifestyle, so he is more active during the day. You want to keep most of his activities during the day, and have a long play session before he hits the bed. This way your cat would have expended the energy and will be more likely to sleep early.You also want to feed your cat his biggest meal before bedtime. If you think your kitty may wake up in the middle of the night all hungry, you can get him a timed food dispenser. If your kitty wakes you up in the middle of the night, egging you on to play with him, you should probably consider getting him another cat into the household, so they can be each othersโ€™ playmates.

Littering outside the litter box

A common complaint among pet owners is their house-trained cat has started to go outside the litterbox. You want to make sure that this behavior is not due to an underlying medical condition. Cats may exhibit such behavior if they lose bladder control due to health conditions. If this isnโ€™t why, then it could also be due to the quality of litter, or where the litterbox is placed.Cats can be picky about litter; you may want to pick a different type of litter to see if that is the problem. Move the litterbox to a place that is easily accessible, and clean. Do not place the litterbox anywhere around the food bowl. If you have multiple cats in the household, make sure each one of them has a separate litterbox for themselves.


the litterbox regularly, cats are extremely hygienic animals.

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