Colleges Look to Puppies to De-Stress Students


Dalhousie University in Canada has stumbled across a genius idea:

set up a room full of puppies

on campus and let students play with them.

The Puppy Room

Michael Kean, the Dalhousie student who suggested the idea, says, โ€œIt fills a niche that people need right now because students are super stressed."The idea has taken off at the speed of a puppy after a tennis ball:ย โ€œWe havenโ€™t even printed posters," saysย Gavin Jardine, the vice-president of student life at the university. "We just posted a pdf poster to our Facebook page and it took off."The puppy program is run by Therapeutic Paws of Canada, whoseย Don LeBlanc says that already, "The national office has received requests from over a half-a-dozen universities, even in the last 24 hours, to do something similar."Who thinks this is a great idea for schools and workplaces alike?

More Heartwarming Tales

The therapeutic effects of dogs have been beneficial to our friends at

Educated Canines Assisting with Disabilities

(ECAD) as well: read these

four heartwarming stories

of service pets adding love to the lives of those who've served the country.When was the last time your dog or puppy helped to melt your cares away?

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