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Training a cat is hard. You tried to teach it a few actions but to no avail. You have thrown water at it when you saw the animal scratching your favorite chair. To your shock, the cat did not even acknowledge your action. The most it learned that it is not a good idea to scratch the furniture when it is around. Yes, the cat will scratch the same after you leave the room.

Changing the behavior and clicker training

Although cats do not care about punishment, they can be made to understand that behaviors could lead to consequences. Clicker training is perhaps the only way you can train a cat. There are several benefits to this procedure. Not only the cat listens to you, but its mind is also stimulated, meaning it cannot get bored. Clicker training improves a cat's health. For you, this training provides a wonderful way to engage with your kitty. The bond between you and your cat will only get stronger. Cats are a lot of fun!

Do not expect your cat to be like your dog post clicker training. Unlike dogs, cats are only semi-domesticated animals. They are not accustomed to listening to human orders, and acting on them is a laughable concept. Clicker training a cat is the nearest action by which you can ask the cat to do your bidding. To begin clicker training, you will require a clicker. It can be anything with a metal strip which makes a clicking noise. If your cat is deaf, use a flashlight or penlight as the equivalent of a clicker. Do take some food or treats which your cat likes. You may also have any target stick. This could take the form of a chopstick.

Linking clicker sounds with targets

You must first make the cat understand that there is a link between the clicker sound and the tasty treat which you give it. When you have the attention of your cat, reward it with a small treat. Such an action reinforces the positive consequences of desired behavior. A few cats will immediately connect the dots and make the connection between the sound and the treat, but you should be prepared to repeat the procedure multiple times to make your kitty understand. The moment your cat has understood the association, it is time to work on a few behaviors. Most owners want their cat to come to them when they call. This is the first training they do with the clicker. If you want the cat to follow a target, the stick comes in useful. To do this, place target near the nose of the cat so that it sniffs the target. When it does sniff, reward your cat with a treat. Move the target near the kitty in such a way that the cat must turn the body to sniff it. Move the target so that the kitty follows it. Move this farther each time.

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