Cleaning Dog's Ears

Cleaning Dog's Ears

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Before you begin to clean the ears of your four-legged family member, it is important to know that they are sensitive. It means you should keep a close eye on dogs' ears to keep them from getting infections. Do understand that your dog is not in favor of cleaning its ears. It is vital that you have to coax them to do your bidding. The procedure is a delicate one. If you do not do the task in a proper manner, then the procedure will result in serious damage. A lot of homework is a must before cleaning the ears of any dog. The more your knowledge of the subject, the healthier your dog will be.

Positivity helps

It is said before: your dog will hate the procedure. You will have to tackle a squirmy canine once you start the procedure. A squirmy behavior drags the process longer and you have to tackle more variables than a short and effective one. One excellent method is to have a bag full of treats ready prior to starting the process. Show it to the dog but do not give it. Make it clear to the dog that it may get the treat if it cooperates with you on this action.

Correct tools are a must

Your dog's ears are similar to you. Using the wrong equipment may render your dog deaf. Do not use a rod or pipe to clean the ears of your dog. Have a bag full of cotton balls beside you. Take gauze and wrap your finger with the latter. Use the two to then the clean the ears of your dog. It is good to have gloves but it is not essential. Just wash hands carefully after you complete the procedure. The ear rinse arguably is the vital tool. It is important to do the process in such a way that the dog will be safe but the job is safely done. The ear rinse must not have any antibiotics, alcohol, or toxic materials.

Everything must be at hand

There must not come a time when you could not find one particular component of the cleaning equipment in the middle of the process. If you get up to find that piece, be prepared to fight your dog to get it back into the desired position. Conditions could be such that you would be forced to restart the whole process.It is vital you follow all the rules. There can be no harm only if you follow them. Begin on the outside and clean the way in. Continue the process until you feel the resistance. Continuing the process without your dog's consent may damage its ears.

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