Claim Your Free Frontline Plus Now!

Claim Your Free Frontline Plus Now!


Fleas and ticks are gross. The idea of having bugs live in your petโ€™s fur is positively revolting. Not only are these pests certifiably creepy, they can also bring with them any of a number of maladies - from flea dirt and echinococcosis to lymeโ€™s disease and rocky mountain spotted fever. It is because of these ailments, along with the general discomfort caused by these bugs, that makes

year round flea and tick protection

so important.

โ€œBut donโ€™t fleas and ticks go away in the winter?โ€

No, they donโ€™t. Sure, their numbers drop, but they never go away. And since our pets are one of their favorite things to hitch a ride on, if there are any fleas or ticks around and

your pet isn't protected

, chances are these nasty little buggers will hop on.In an effort to stimulate the use of these necessary medications through the colder months, we are giving away a

free 3 months of Frontline Plus

when you sign up for PetPlus. So now, not only do you get enrolled into a program that offers the most comprehensive savings around, but you also get your petsโ€™ winter repellent covered right off the bat.

โ€œSo I get all the same benefits from PetPlus AND a free 3 months of Frontline Plus? Whats the catch?โ€

No strings attached! Perhaps we are just in the holiday spirit. Or it could be that we are simply concerned about the high number of pets that are denied

preventative medications

during the fall/winter (hint: itโ€™s the latter).

So what are you waiting for? Sign up here and claim your free Frontline Plus before supplies run out!

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