Choosing the Best Cat Diarrhea Remedy What to Get when Your Cat Needs Digestive Help

Choosing the Best Cat Diarrhea Remedy

When your cat is not feeling well, of course you want to get them back to normal as quickly as possible. Here are some simple and effective remedies to treat the fairly common issue of diarrhea.

Having a sick pet is no fun for anyone. Your pet certainly doesn't like it, and cleaning up a stinky mess is no one's idea of a good time. So how do you find a cat diarrhea remedy that's fast, effective, and meant for treating the cause of your kitty's problem? Here are five great diarrhea remedy options that will have your kitty feeling regular again.

Natural and Homeopathic Remedies


K-P Anti-Diarrhea Liquid

  • Contains kaolin and pectin for natural soothing relief
  • Easy dose dispenser so you can give it to your pet directly
  • Or you can simply add the liquid to your pet's food

Digestive Remedies

Gentle-Digest-Chews  Gentle-Digest-Caps

Ark Naturals Gentle Digest Soft Chews and Gentle Digest Capsules

  • Both options are easy to administer--simply give the chewable or capsule to your pet to eat
  • Relieves digestive issues and diarrhea and also supports a health immune system
  • Useful for pets who've been using antibiotics and have had stomach upsets as a result
  • Helpful for senior pets who may be under stress

Treating A Bacterial Infection at the Same Time


Viceton Tablets

  • An oral antibiotic that treats issues caused by microorganisms such as bacteria, which can cause diarrhea and other symptoms
  • Also fights bacteria in the urinary tract
  • You'll likely see results in 3-5 days
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