Choosing a dog for people with no time on their hands


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Good dogs like Border Collies, Golden Retrievers, and Labradors are unsuitable for working individuals. This is as they need human companionship. It is important to choose a breed of dog which would not mind being alone for extended time periods. Many make the mistake of buying sociable dogs which ultimately end up being crated and sent somewhere else. Dogs must not be forced to undergo such horrific experiences.

You must be responsible

If you wish to buy a dog which will provide you loving company when you come back from your job, it is your responsibility to select the appropriate breed. Do know that regardless of the breed of dog you end up with, you must be willing to make sacrifices. This means forgoing your friends' company at the end of a long working day. Do not drink the cocktail. A loving animal is waiting for you in your home. Any dog independent of breed is a social animal. It needs social interaction and also exercises.

Right Breed

Choose a dog which will be sleepy the most of the day. An average dog sleeps approximately 14 hours every day. Seniors and puppies sleep more. If you want to make your dog sleep all the time during the day, exercise its hard during the morning. You should not forget to leave water out for your dog. Food, however, is optional. An excellent idea is to scatter cat snacks throughout the house. When your dog gets bored, it will explore, searching and snacking.Selecting the correct breed is important for future happiness. Both you and your dog will be content. The two of you will walk and run in the park and relax by the window while rain falls on the glass. An ideal dog will not need stimulation and you will not require a bigger flat. It is important to provide your dog with some activities. Since you work, it should too.Your dog will explore the house it lives in while you are out. It smells out new items in the kitchen and the scent of other animals on the terrace. It would like to enjoy the smell of familiar objects in different settings. Install a doggy door in your main door. It can then go out and listen to outside sounds. Interactive toys make an excellent gift for your dog. Your dog can play with them while you are away. A good idea is to fill up the toys with food and your best friend can spend time trying to get them out. This will keep them busy. It means they will be tired of these activities and sleep well at the end of the day. You can also get a good night's sleep.

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