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When it comes to birthday presents, there are some people that cannot be overlooked -- parents, siblings, your significant other, and close friends all warrant a little birthday something. But there is one special someone frequently skipped. Do you have any plans for a dog birthday present? You should!From delicious rawhide treats to newย toys, dogs can love birthdays as much as the youngest child. But rather than pick out something that's been done thousands of times over, try to choose a creative and unique dog birthday present for your furry pal.

Keeping track of your pooch

The International Business Times recommended that

dog owners purchase the Puppy Tweets Tag

for their four-legged friends. During long work days or errand runs, many pet parents might be concerned about what their canines are doing when they're all alone. That's where this innovative tag comes in handy.The Puppy Tweets Tag helps owners monitor their dogs' behaviors while they're gone. It includes a sound and motion sensor that can be attached to pooches' collars and connected to a Twitter account. Anytime your dog moves or barks, the tag sends a tweet to your computer for you to review with ease. The tag can help put your mind at ease about leaving Fido at home while you're out on the town.

Teaching dogs to help themselves

Peopleย go through the numerous challenges of training their canines to follow specific commands when it comes to going outside, sitting still or staying off the kitchen counter. But have you ever tried teaching your dogs how to give themselves water? Bored Panda suggested

the Pawcet as a fun gift for pooches

.It's a simple design that involves a small paddle lever that connects to any outdoor hose around your house. From there, all your pooch has to do is step on the lever and they'll be lapping up fresh, cold water with ease. It's a fun and practical gift that both owners and dogs will love.

Giving the gift of health


doggy presents

aren't up your alley, then you should consider signing up for a PetPlus membership. With this handy membershipย you'll be able to provide your furry friends with plenty of natural supplements and accessories that can have them wagging their tails every day.Joining


also gives you access to more than 4,000 veterinarian offices around the country at discounted prices to ensure that Fido is always healthy and happy.

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