Cats with The Biggest Eyes That Make Your Heart Melt

Cats with The Biggest Eyes That Make Your Heart Melt

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Your eyes are the most attractive feature that can turn heads and get you noticed. Now imagine having a cat with big bright eyes looking at you with their eyes full of love. Wouldn't that melt your heart? Some of the cat breeds with beautiful big eyes whose dilated pupils are irresistible to anyone looking at them include

  • Devon Rex

With an average life span of nine to fifteen years, the Devon Rex is a playful and intelligent feline and quite a prankster. It is known for its large and affectionate eyes that provides its owner with love and solace. Devon Rex is quite a handful for its owners as they are extremely playful and hates being left behind.

  • The Sphynx

The Sphynx is one of the most expensive cat breeds in the world with big promising eyes. This breed of cat is furless and suitable for those who do not like cleaning up after their pets. With an average life span of fourteen years, the Sphynx cat expects a lot of interaction with its human. It is known for running around and being extremely playful.

  • The Japanese Bobtail

With an average life span of nine to fifteen years, the Japanese Bobtail can live up to twenty years. They are infamously known for their rabbit-like tail. But their large oval-shaped eyes make up for the scandalous tail. The Japanese Bobtail cats are fun-loving and adjust to anyone. They are easy to groom as they shed less hair.

  • Singapura

The Singapura has an average life span of twelve to fifteen years and is one of the most exotic and purebred breeds. It has large, round eyes that attract attention when looked at. These cats are attributed to be affectionate as well as for being intelligent. They are very popular among children as they play wholeheartedly.

  • The Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau is quite a friendly cat that loves to climb trees. It has an average life span of fifteen years and is probably one of the oldest domesticated cats that thrived with the deserts of Egypt. These cats are known to be fast runners with a capacity to clock thirty miles an hour. With large greenish eyes and spotted coat, the Egyptian Mau is one of the most attractive cat breeds that have earned a spot in one of the tombs in Egypt.

  • Ragamuffin

With piercing round eyes and tuft of hair and fur, the Ragamuffin is known to steal several hearts. They are extremely affectionate and playful. With a lifespan of fifteen to twenty years, these rugged cats are best suited for those who love the affectionate rollover. If you are one of those who likes a pet that stays by itself, then the Ragamuffin is not for you. California Spangled cat, the British Shorthair, Norwegian Forest cat are some of the other cats with large attractive eyes.

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