Cats with Kidney Disease

Cats with Kidney Disease

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The kidneys present in your cat do a number of vital tasks. The list includes blood pressure management and the manufacture of hormones. The organs also stimulate the bone marrow so that an increased number of Red Blood Cells (RBC) get produced. Kidneys also remove waste from the blood. The organs will start to fail as the cat ages. If left untreated, the disease which results from failing kidneys will lead to multiplle health problems. There is no cure if it is a chronic disease. However, with better care, and early diagnosis, it is possible to better the quality of life and also your cat's mortality.

Cats of all ages are susceptible

It is not only older cats which are susceptible to kidney failure. Kidney diseases can be present in kittens too. The list of causes behind kidney problems includes trauma, infection, and toxins. Kidney failure in cats is of two types, with each type having a different cause, outlook, and treatment.

Acute renal failure is quite common in cats. It occurs suddenly and progresses over a matter of a few days. This happens to cats of any age. The most common reason for acute renal failure is the presence of poison. Your cat's kidneys could be harmed due to antifreeze, cleaning fluids, and pesticides. Some human medicines are also harmful to cats. Do be careful so that your curious cat could not get to lick or taste these things.

Trauma is a common cause of kidney problems in cats. This is especially true if it involves a burst bladder or a broken pelvis. Your cat could also contract kidney disease if it drinks too less water or undergoes rapid dehydration. Another reason could be the shock from losing quickly vast quantities of blood. Any number of causes, starting from its body being overheated in blazingly hot weather, a considerable uptick in activity. Diarrhea, and vomiting all result in significant fluid dips.

Infections and failures

Kidney infections could also lead to disease. There could be blockages which change blood flow into the kidney and the exit urine flow resulting in acute pain and infection following soon after. There could also be heart pressure accompanied by low blood pressure. This reduces the flow of blood to the kidneys.

Acute renal failures, if diagnosed in time, could frequently be reversed. Chronic kidney problems, however, could be much harder to treat. A significant proportion of senior and middle-aged cats suffer from this condition. Kidney problems become worse over months and even years. You must pay particular attention to your feline's health if it is seven years old or more. The signs of failing kidneys in your cat include frequent urination and drinking substantial quantities of water. Other symptoms include decreased appetite and weight loss. To provide optimal nutrition vets often prescribe specialized food products for kidney support like the Royal Canin Renal Support Feline cat food.

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