Cats for Large Families

Cats for Large Families

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If you want a pet which has the low maintenance of a cat but has an affectionate quality of a puppy, then there are a number of options among the cat breeds. All of them are adorable.

Turkish Angora and American Curl

The Turkish Angora is one of the obvious choices. They are not only intelligent and vocal but also loyal too. This breed of cats is known for their devotion towards their human families. They love being involved in whatever their human families like to do. These cats are determined, playful, and mischevious, making them perfect for a large family. This breed, unlike other cats, loves to swim. If you and your family love swimming, then the Turkish Angora is the feline to adopt.

The American Curl is another lovely cat with dog-like characteristics. You can easily recognize the American Curl cat by its curled black ears. It loves children and has an affectionate nature. These qualities make it an excellent pet for families. It is energetic and playful with a fun amount of curiosity. The cat loves to investigate its environment. It is to be noted that the curl could vary dramatically during the first few months after it gets born. You should not bring an American Curl cat home before it is four months old.

Manx and Burmese

The Manx is another friendly breed. It is also an affectionate cat and loves nothing more than human company. It is known to follow its all over the house. Most but not all cats have no tails. The Manx plays an excellent game of fetch. You could even train it to respond to commands like a puppy. The Burmese cats are an amusing and intelligent breed which loves its human family. They make for lovely pets especially for families with boisterous children. They are similar to dogs in the sense that they like to sit and also wait to get their food. These cars are incredibly active and love nothing else than to play. Do remember that Burmese cats depend on their human companions to survive. It means that you have to find a cat sitter when you and your family go on a vacation. The Burmese breed makes for an excellent active and playful companion but is also unobtrusive and quiet when you do your work. This breed has a sweet disposition.


The Abyssinian breed is an engaging and loyal breed which loves to frolic in the water and will be delighted to play fetch if you engage its favorite toys. These cats too love to follow their human family members around the house. They respond to leash training also. Due to its social and friendly nature, the Abyssinian cat needs more attention and gets depressed if the feline is left alone too often.

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