Cats for Kids Which Cat Breeds Are Best for Families with Small Children

Cats for Kids

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Cats for families with children should be easygoing, extroverted, and a fan of affection, as children have a tendency to want to pick up and cuddle their pets. Check this list for cat breeds that fit the bill.

Most pets end up feeling like members of the family, and just like any family, you want everyone to get along. Owners should take special care in selecting a cat if there are small children in the house, as an intolerant, impatient, or antisocial breed won’t do well in this environment, and may cause trouble. The chosen breed should be easygoing, extroverted, and a fan of affection, as children have a tendency to want to pick up and cuddle their pets. Below are some loving breeds to consider.

American Curl

This affectionate curly-eared breed adapts easily to new situations and housemates, making it a perfect choice for homes with children.



American Shorthair

This sweet, low-maintenance cat is extremely friendly to children and other pets.





The Birman, with sparkling blue eyes and a fluffy coat, is a gentle, patient, and loving breed that is great with children.





These outgoing panther-like cats are excellent for busy lifestyles that include children and other pets.





The Burmese is a “dog-like” breed that loves the company of people and is known for being great with children.





The playful silver Burmilla is at once energetic and gentle -- a perfect combination for lively and affectionate children.




Devon Rex

The large-eared Devon Rex doesn’t like to be alone, and isn’t picky about the people or animals who will keep them company.




Havana Brown

A beautiful chocolate-colored breed, the active yet sensitive Havana Brown craves human interaction and affection.




Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese Bobtail is an energetic and endearing breed known to be especially good with children.





The silver-blue Korat is a cuddly breed that exhibits tender playfulness when interacting with children.




Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is a large and gentle longhair cat widely sought after for homes with children.





The tailless Manx is another “dog-like” breed that is intelligent, interactive, and loyal to human companions.





The calm and patient RagaMuffin loves to be held, making this breed a great choice for homes with affectionate children.

Scottish Fold

This adorable breed known for its folded over ears has a sweet and adaptable personality.





The dense-coated Siberian is an exceptionally friendly, playful, and easygoing breed.





The energetic and interactive nature of the Tonkinese makes it a great breed for children who love to play - this cat prefers not to be alone.




Turkish Angora

This rare breed is one of the most affectionate out there, with a fun-loving spirit that compliments the similar spirit of children.

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