Cats and itchy skin

Cats and itchy skin

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Many cat owners are turning to natural remedies both for themselves and also for their feline companions. Even though nothing can replace the experience of a local veterinarian, a number of natural remedies exist to fight standard cat illnesses. Many holistic methods are available, which can be done from the comfort of the home.

Itchy skin

Your cats may get itchy and scratchy for many reasons. The list is long and includes dandruff, allergies, and fleas. Whatever be the cause, an itchy cat does not make an ideal pet. You can help your kitty by concocting a soothing mix of pennyroyal and rosemary extracts. Be careful and do not allow the cat to drink or lick these mixes. Alternatively, you can also give your kitty a tea bath complete with aloe or catnip to soothe the skin of the cat. If your cat has skin flakes, use a dehumidifier, and not use the shampoo. It will help to rejuvenate and also re-moisturize the dry and scaly skin of the cat. This is caused by the absence of moisture in the home environment.

Other problems

Hairball is a big problem in every cat owner's home. These are horrible to see and a few cats scatter bunches of hair all around the home. Worst of all, you seem to set foot on them when you are barefoot. It is not a good idea to shave the cat. A shaved cat is one pathetic animal to see. It is your responsibility to push in a grooming routine. There is a much less drastic remedy to manage the hairballs. Brush up the kitty every day and then wipe down the fur with a moist towel. You can also assist the cat to pass its hairballs by giving the kitty a little amount of petroleum jelly. You can also give butter. Do not give in excess amounts, only one teaspoon for a few days would solve the problem. There is another solution too: feed your cat a diet rich in fiber. A good amount of exercise will also help in this case.

Other than hairballs, cat bladders also cause a nuisance around the home. Male cats are vulnerable to urethra or bladder issues. There can be blockages. In case your kitty has such problems, then unsweetened cranberry juice could help to stop such an occurrence. This is as the urine acidity of cranberry rises meaning reduced chances of infections or blockages. You can add cranberry powder to the cat food or cranberry juice to its water. In case your kitty is finicky, insert a syringe containing juice directly into the mouth of the cat or give it a cranberry capsule. Do consult a veterinarian before you do any of these activities.

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