Cat Proof Your Breakables Keep Your Cat From Hurting Themselves or Your Breakable Items

Cat Proof Your Breakables

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You love your cat's natural curiosity, but you also want to keep them safe from hurting themselves on the breakable items in your home. You wouldn't complain if your valuables survived their climbing, either. Here are ways to cat-proof your home.

We love our cats because of their natural curiosity. Cats love to explore, and they always need to know what’s going on in your home. These traits give us endless entertainment as we watch our cats interact with their environment.

At the same time, this curiosity can wreck havoc on your valuables. Who hasn’t come home to see their favorite piece of pottery or most expensive vase in pieces on the floor? Ack!

Below are some tips on cat proofing your home so that your valuables, and your cat, stay safe.

Don’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em

You can’t stop a cat from indulging in curiosity. That’s just how they’re made. So, rather than scold your cat for jumping up on your curio shelf where they can knock over some precious knick knack, give them a better option.

Window shelves where your cat can sit and watch the world go by are a great solution. If you create a perfect perch, they may be disinclined to use the table top, or bookshelf, or other place you don’t favor. Once you install a window shelf, your cat will naturally be drawn to it and will likely spend hours there. However, you should also encourage such behavior by offering your kitty a treat when they use the shelf rather than your antique lamp stand.

Cats also love to be up high. This is because they’re hunters, and these spots give them a good view of the landscape below. Provide your cat with a scratching post with several levels and platforms that they can climb and sit on. Again, reinforce the use of these authorized spaces with a nice treat.

You can also rub approved zones with catnip to encourage them in the right direction.

Finally, give your cat plenty of toys to bat and chase across the floor. Your cat will be less likely to want to play with your expensive glass figurines if they have other options. Your pet will love these toys even more if you toss them for a chase every so often.

A Few Deterrents

Redirecting your cat’s curiosity and playful nature will be the most effective way to keep your valuables safe. Understand that in some cases, you’re attempting to undo evolution’s work. You’re hoping to train your cat to not watch, not hide, and not “hunt”, so do be patient with them. Cats can learn the rules, but sometimes the urge to be in all the wrong places can overrule anything else. In those cases, some crafty discouragement is in order.

Try laying aluminum foil across the no-zone. Most cats hate the feel of the foil on their feet and dislike the sound it makes as they walk across it.

Double sided sticky tape can also work, though this can be hard to pull off the furniture, so be careful.

You can also try making an unpleasant noise whenever your cat jumps on your knick knack shelf by shaking a can filled with pennies. This minor fright may redirect your cat’s energies elsewhere. Be advised, though, that some cats will take this as a form of play: they jump, you shake, hilarity ensues. Be sure to watch your cat's reaction.

In the end, the best and only truly effective means of protecting your valuables might be to move them to places your cat can’t reach. This may mean using high shelves or covered cases, moving these objects to rooms your cat isn’t allowed in, or simply putting them away for safekeeping.

After all, your home is your cat’s home too. Make it a place where both people and felines can enjoy themselves without bad feelings and broken glass.

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