Cat Breeds: Getting Cats to Get Along How to Choose Cat Breeds for Your Home with Multiple Pets

Cat Breeds: Getting Cats to Get Along

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The best cats for multi-pet homes are those who are social, even-tempered, non-territorial, and adaptable. Learn about which breeds may be best.

There’s nothing like a home filled with the pitter-patter of little paws. For some people owning pets can be an addicting endeavor, and happily for the owners who want more than one, many pets thrive in environments with animal companionship. However, some don’t, so when considering bringing a new cat into your home you’ll want to take a close look at the breed and their personality traits. The best cats for multi-pet homes are those who are social, even-tempered, non-territorial, and adaptable. Below are some breeds that make the cut.

American Bobtail

This very intelligent and interactive breed loves to play games and gets along well with cats as well as most dogs.



American Curl

American Curls with their unique curled ears are exceptionally affectionate and loyal cats who adapt easily to new situations and companions.




American Shorthair

Once working cats, American Shorthairs have an amiable temperament and make great friends to children and all kinds of pets.





This blue-eyed breed is known for its extremely sweet demeanor, attentiveness, and gentle, easygoing nature.





This outgoing panther-like cat suits owners with busy lifestyles that include children and other pets.




British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is a calm and cuddly breed that gets along with all kinds of pets including other cats, dogs, birds, and rabbits.





This congenial and confident breed exhibits “dog-like” behaviors and makes fast friends with other pets.





The elegant silver Burmilla has a fun, energetic personality while also being sweet and gentle.




Chinese Li Hua

A mellow and easy to handle tabby, the Chinese Li Hua forms close bonds with humans and lives compatibly with other cats.

Devon Rex

The large-eared Devon Rex is an extremely social cat who doesn’t enjoy spending time alone, and isn’t picky about the people or animals who will keep them company.



European Burmese

These loyal, doting, medium-sized cats adore the companionship of humans as well as other pets.

Havana Brown

The chocolate-colored Havana Brown thrives on interaction and companionship, making this breed an ideal choice for homes with playful children and pets.




Norwegian Forest Cat

While the large Norwegian Forest Cat is most loyal to their human owners, they are social cats who enjoy the company of other pets.




Maine Coon

This sturdy longhair breed is often sought after for its attentive and gentle disposition.





These intelligent, tailless cats have wonderful personalities and are another breed often described as “dog-like.”





The RagaMuffin is a calm, even-tempered, and beautiful cat who loves to be held, doing well in both quiet and boisterous households, including those with other pets.

Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold is a sweet and adaptable breed that is as comfortable around children and animals as it is in a single-owner home.





Siberians are gregarious cats with dense coats who are at once easygoing and playful.





Hairless balls of energy, Sphynxes are loveable, sociable cats.





This fun-loving muscular breed craves affection, enjoys playtime, and prefers not to be alone.

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