Caring for a Pregnant Cat


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Is your cat expecting? If youโ€™re a new cat parent, this can be a cause of major distress. Perhaps, you waited too long to spay your cat or maybe you adopted it. Breeding a cat is not a cakewalk and does not come recommended for those with little knowledge of their cat breed, or cat breeding in general. Whatever be the case, pregnancy is a natural part of a healthy felineโ€™s life and knowing how to care for it will benefit both the cat parent and his/her furry friend.

How to tell if your Cat is Pregnantย 

Pregnant cats tend to become vocal and affectionate as their pregnancy progresses. Just like human females, they could experience morning sickness. It is important to tip off other members of the family prior to the event of the kittenโ€™s birth, so they can respect the catโ€™s need for privacy. Also, everybody should be warned against pressing on the catโ€™s stomach, which could cause a miscarriage.

Steps to Caring for Your Pregnant Cat like a Proย 
  • Visit a vet โ€“ The vet can confirm your catโ€™s pregnancy, let you know how far along she is, give you advice on its nutritional requirements and examine her health. Visiting a vet will also put your growing anxiety to rest.
  • Take care of her nutrition โ€“ Your pregnant cat will be eating for two. Make sure you feed her good quality mineral, protein and nutrient rich food. But take care of not overfeeding her as she may begin to add unnecessary bulk if overfed. Canned kitten food will benefit her health greatly.
  • Get her to exercise โ€“ Pregnancy does not need to take a toll on her fitness. Take your cat out on a walk or play with her. As long as you ensure you donโ€™t get her too tired, you both will be fine.
  • Keep her well groomed โ€“ Pay attention to her external and internal health. Get her checked by a vet for any infection, fleas or worms. Doing so will keep your cat and its kitten in good health.
  • Provide a convenient litter box โ€“ As your cat begins to gain weight, it will be difficult for it to climb in and out. Present her with a cardboard box with low sides where she can do her business. Clean it twice everyday to maintain hygiene.
  • Look out for signs of nesting โ€“ Your cat will begin to look for comfortable spaces to birth in as she nears her due-date. Help her find her nesting spot by picking out a roomy cardboard box and tossing in old blankets or towels. Keep her food and water bowl near this box and watch her settle in, to give birth.
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