Caring for a Guide Dog When Abroad

Caring for a Guide Dog When Abroad

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It is vital that you take the proper supplies when you visit a foreign country with your guide dog. It is important to make climate preparations and to make a special note of animal health when you two do international travel.

Take provisions and more

Like you, your guide dog needs food and the proper nutritional supplements to stay active. Find out what you can take on your travels and buy the rest during your travels. The quantity of food must be adequate to maintain your dog's bodily function. Do not buy dog food if the package is compromised. The foid packet must be hermetically sealed. Do not hesitate to request your pet food store to give you sample stocks specially manufactured for an aircraft ride.

If you and your guide dog are going on short trips, then allergies could turn out to be a problem. Simply carry what your dog needs. A good example is a bag filled with food, shampoos, and of course, medication. When it comes to longer trips, it is sensible to order food and other supplies over the Internet. You can also buy direct from manufacturers and have it sent to the destination. A number of countries have reputed local pet stores. Do keep medication in their original prescription bottles. The bottle must be sealed. A note can be pasted on the bottle to remind you of the name of the drug and its uses.

Tackling climate changes

For a guide dog, the climate is an essential factor. If you and your dog come from a winter climate, the animal in all probability will have a natural fur coat. If you two live in a hot climate zone, there will be less fur. If you are traveling from a cold climate to a warmer one, it is important you must acclimatize the dog. You can do it in multiple ways. One method is to shave your dog's coat. If the coat stays on, the brush it frequently. You could add specific medicines to your dog's water bowl to stop and prevent dehydration. Put freezer packs in vest pockets to cool down the body of your dog. Why not buy your dog a collar which cools it down?ย  You can also buy booties to protect the pads of your dog.

Conversely, if you travel from a climactic warm zone to a colder one, do consider buying good quality vests or coats with insulation. Booties to protect the animal's paws make a sensible buy as well. Do not forget to brush the animal's coat as much as possible. You need to familiarize your dog with any new gear you have bought for it. The aim is that the animal must work as usual without being distracted by the new clothes you have purchased specially for that animal.

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