Canned Pumpkin for Cats


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Like their owners, cats can suffer from digestive irregularities. You should feed minute quantities of pumpkin to your cat when it suffers from constipation. It also helps when the kitty suffers from diarrhea. A small amount of this fruit can put the cat's digestive track back to its old levels. The addition of canned pumpkin to its diet regularly can stop digestive problems from happening at all.

Senior cats

Constipation could occur as side effects when your cat gets older. For senior cats, the problem is a symptom of many other diseases. These include any condition from the absence of fiber in the diet to an obstruction in the body. If the constipation of your pet is due to an obvious lack of fiber or the result of ingesting large quantities of hair, thus leading to stoppage of normal bowel functioning, then canned pumpkin makes for an excellent cure. The food will add the fiber and the moisture to push things to move again. Do keep in mind, however, if the cat appears uninterested to eat, or suffers from a distended stomach, then it is essential you must take your cat to the veterinarian as quickly as possible.

When your cat suffers from diarrhea, it is obvious that the feline's body is trying to tell something. Something it hate has no place in the digestive system. It could be anything, from a worm infestation to an allergen, or an infection. Whatever the things are, the body of the cat is trying hard to expel it. The addition of canned pumpkin adds dietary fiber to the kitty's diet. This will solidify the stool of the cat. Excess water will be absorbed along with stomach acids.

Small quantities Do remember to feed your cat all minute quantities of pumpkin. Only one or two teaspoonfuls of the fruit will be sufficient for this purpose. You can increase the quantity a little more if the cat is larger or weighs more. A regular intake prevents stomach problems from occurring in the first place. Since canned pumpkin consists primarily of fiber, a few minerals, and Vitamin E. Replacing about one-third of your cat's normal food by canned pumpkin will markedly reduce the amount of calories eaten by the cat. Best of all, the cat is not going to miss the food which it previously ate. A pumpkin's fiber content offers sufficient quantities of bulk to the meal to leave them full and happy. The cat may not even want too. The content of the fiber provides sufficient bulk. The result will be your pets feel happy and full.

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