Can Your Pooch Hack It As A Marathon Dog?



When you picture a dog race, it's common to drum up the image of sled dogs trudging through the snow or Greyhounds circling the track. However, if the Iditarod isn't your cup of tea, a large group of service dogs recently competed in a fun jaunt at the Marine Corps Marathon.

USA Today reported that, prior to runners starting their 26.2-mile circuit, a

group of caninesย beganย the festivities with a 2K run

for "Dogs of War." The documentary, organized by cable channel A&E, recognizes and honors service pooches who deploy overseas alongside the military and accompany veterans around bases for therapy. One soldier, Jason Haag, had tried numerous methods to treat his post-traumatic stress disorder before bringing home Axle, a German Shepherd, to help with Haag's anxiety.After being accepted into the K9s for Warriors program, Haag flew down to Florida to train with Axle and learn new commands, grooming techniques and in-depth insight into the Americans with Disabilities Act. Participants in the 2K run raise money for various groups, such as the Pat Tillman Foundation.

Picking the best marathon dogs

While the canine marathon was a relaxed and fun affair, many dog owners enjoy going on long runs for exercise. Bringing Fido along as a companion is always a fun decision, but it's important that pet parents know which breeds are the best marathon dogs.Outside Online explained that

pooches are always ready to go and keep an eager pace

, making them ideal running partners. The ideal companion is obedient and strong, so the source recommended these canines as the leading choices:

  • Australian cattle dog: This athletic and agile breed is perfect for long jaunts given his natural ability as a herder. Weighing in at roughly 35 pounds, these dogs' joints can withstand considerable wear and tear. They love having something to do, so these pups make for great runningย partners.
  • Labrador retriever: These pooches seem to make any canine-related list, and their lean bodies and energy allow them to keep pace during runs. They can even exhibit impressive stamina, sticking with their owners on lengthy 10K? races. The Labrador's obedience and work ethic make him one of the best options for runners.
  • English setters: Owners should view these canines as furry balls of energy that need to be exercised daily, or they might go haywire in the living room. Setters can run forย 4 to 6 miles without stopping - perfect for those long morning runs!

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