Can Your Dog Teach Your Kid To Be More Responsible?


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There are many pros of having a dog; they help you stay fit, give you company when you are alone, and safeguards your house from intruders. But there's more than the happiness and safety factor associated with dog ownership. If you have kids, then having a dog is simply incredible because it can teach your kids a lot about responsibility.Many experts are studying this behavior in depth, and are revealing interesting facts connecting dog ownership with the sense of responsibility in kids. They believe that dogs can make young kids responsible in a number of ways because dogs are like human beings who require care and love.

How do dogs make kids responsible?

Kids, both young and old, can be taught to love and care for dogs at home. The love and affection eventually manifests into a sense of responsibility in kids. Let us look at some ways in which your dog can make your kids responsible.

  • FoodPerhaps kids have some idea about fastidious nutritional requirements of dogs. Keeping a dog helps kids in acting responsibly when it comes to feeding it. Young kids can be taught to feed the dog, which gives them an idea why food is required for the dog's health and development. This would help your kid learn responsibility and make him feel more involved in pet care at home.
  • CommitmentIf you allow your kids to take care of your dog, they learn about commitment towards the dog's life. They start viewing dogs as living creatures and pay more attention to it. They will try their best to keep your dog protected and safe from dangers. As they get more involved with dogs, they will start viewing them as living creatures, not toys to play with.
  • Personal careYou can help your kids know the importance of personal hygiene and sanitation if you get them involved in bathing and cleaning your dog. By taking part in the personal care of dogs, your kids understand the importance of cleanliness. In short you can kill two birds with one stone; you take care of your dog's hygiene and also inculcate sanitary habits in your kids.
  • EmpathyIt may sound preposterous but medical care extended to dogs at home makes your kid responsible and empathetic. Having your kids around you when you treat your dog for injuries or illnesses will make them understand the importance of medical care for dogs, thus making them understand your dog's condition.
  • 24ร—7 ResponsibilityAs your kids gets more involved in caring for your dog, they understand that they have to be responsible around the clock. This teaches them how to prioritize their needs, and become more responsible in their daily lives.
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