Can Your Dog be a Vegetarian?

Can Your Dog be a Vegetarian?

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This is one of the most asked questions regarding a

dogโ€™s diet

. If you are yourself a vegetarian, chances are that you may also want to keep your pooch in a vegetarian diet. A number of reasons apart from these can induce a person to consider vegetarian diets. The commercial dog-food available in markets comprise of wastes like brain, spinal cord, intestine, wastes from the slaughter-houses, rejects from supermarkets, wastes from restaurants, meat from dead and diseased animals and so on. Naturally such food carries with it the possibility of contamination, infection and other problems. As a loving dog owner, you would want your dog to have a healthier diet. A growing number of people are now looking towards a vegetarian diet as the means of keeping their dogs healthy.

Dogs - omnivorous by nature

This means that your dog can survive on vegetables as well as meat, though he is more likely to show a preference for the latter. Experiences from various owners have shown that dogs can survive very well on vegetarian diets. However, several factors influence a vegetarian diet. For one, it is important to note that the vegetarian diet you are keeping your dog on should have all the nutrients that it can need. This means that you will have to pay special attention to providing those nutrients which are found more in meat than in vegetables.It may be relatively easier to get a dog used t a vegetarian diet from the time it is a puppy rather than to introduce it to a grown dog. If you are trying too change the food habits of your grown dog, then you will have to consult an expert about what your options are to make the food seem palatable to the dog. Besides, this transition will have to be made slowly and gradually, as it definitely is a challenge to get a dog that is used to having meat to start liking veggies.

Meats and skin allergies

Medical experts have even admitted that certain types of skin allergies that can be traced to meat proteins can be avoided by a dog who is a vegetarian. Owners will have to do thorough research regarding what foods will provide the required amounts of protein that a dog gets from meat. It is also important to note that the effects of a vegetarian diet can vary from breed to breed.Switching over to a vegetarian diet can benefit your dog in many ways. Diseases like cancer, arthritis and allergies that are often caused due to meat consumption can be reduced. Besides, as earlier discussed, the danger of feeding your dog with harmful wastes is eliminated too. All you must remember is to plan your dogโ€™s vegetarian diet carefully and preferably under consultation of an expert.

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