Can Your Cat Protect You?

Can Your Cat Protect You?

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Dogs are adopted for protection duties. Cats can protect too. Your cat can protect you from hostiles if you two share a special bond. There should be no doubt that felines can act as protective animals. A number of events have proved that cats can protect their owners from any harm.

Cats are not dogs

A number of people harbor doubts as to whether a cat has the capability to defend its owner. This image may happen due to the cat's propensity for home life, its independent behavior, or the small size of the animal. The truth is completely different. The perception of cats being fully selfish is wrong. Cats should not be compared to dogs. The two species are completely different. Comparing the two makes no sense. The concept of cats being less protective compared to a dog is a general idea. It may not be true for the individual feline.

Cats comprehend the world and also transmit thoughts and emotions in a vastly different manner compared to dogs. The body language of a feline includes facial expressions and postures which are completely unique to cats. They have a different mode of social co-existence than dogs. The latter is a totally different species which are not remotely cat-like. It is a given that cats and dogs will exhibit different ways of showing affection and love to their owners.

Cat survival instincts and protection

It is vital to comprehend that cats have naturally strong survival instincts. This is why felines like to hide high up from the ground so that they can get the upper hand or run away if attacked. Cats prefer nothing more than a routine life as this means a safe environment. This attraction towards safety, however, does not mean that the felines have lost all their abilities and instinctive behaviors. The cat may appear as a lazy pet sleeping all the time, but when the feline is faced with a dangerous situation, then the seemingly cute animal may adopt a sharp and effective defense posture. Cats not only use sharp nails to attack, but they also use intelligence.

If your cat believes you are in danger, it will use its intelligence, agility, and sharp nails to defend itself. A number of feline experts believe that these small animals could even be trained to protect their families against any dangerous external enemies. There are numerous precedence where a cat saved its human family member. One of them took place in 2015. The cat saved the six-year-old boy of its adopted family when the neighbor's dog attacked him. A surveillance camera recorded the interaction, and it was proved that cats do protect-and are extremely useful- when it comes to protecting family members.

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